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Ronald McDonald House Charity Ball 2023


The Ronald McDonald House Charity Ball is one of the most important annual events in WA. It brings together like-minded individuals all under one roof for the incredibly important cause of raising funds for sick and terminally ill children.

We’ve been a part of this event for the last few years and always look forward to a great night of glitz and glamour!


This event was all about celebrating the achievements of countless individuals in the effort to help children in need. We love capturing events such as this as everyone is more than happy to smile for the camera, and really show how important the Ronald McDonald House Charity is to the WA community. 

Our role in the night was to capture all the incredible activities and performances that were put on at Crown while highlighting special guests and the organisations involved. 


The approach was pretty standard for event coverage videos. Two cameras that would float amongst the crowd and capture special moments and the atmosphere. Not as easy as it sounds when you try and capture the right shots precisely when they happen, but we always have a lot of fun with this run-and-gun type videography. 


We are super proud of the edit that we put together in such a tight timeframe, as the client required the project delivered the following day. The final product is a fast paced, but thoughtful look back at another incredible year for the organisation. The event was full of great energy and we cannot wait to see what’s in store for next year.

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