Rottnest Island Authority


The Rottnest Island Authority recently undertook a number of infrastructure and commercial development projects on the island. The key goal was to enhance the overall visitor experience. These included the Island Gateway and Basin projects. With these completed, there are now new product offerings available to the public for the 2021/22 summer season.


The Rottnest Island Authority wanted content created for these new offerings on the island. The plan was to capture a wide variation of footage and stills of these completed projects. They would use the video content across a range of communications and marketing channels. The purpose was to encourage excitement and interest in new visitors visiting and previous visitors returning to the island.


Across a handful of days our production team made the breathtaking journey filming around the island. It was really tough. From sunrise to sunset it is stunning. All we needed to do was time the shots with the best light moments to elevate the beauty. We focused on capturing the key rottnest landmarks, the new developments and destination imagery.


We took Rottnest Island’s stunning scenery and elevated it with some Birdhouse magic. We showcase the new infrastructure and development projects in an attractive and stunning delivery of content. 9 News Perth featured our footage on their story covering Rottnest Island’s new offerings.

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