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Sealumet are global manufacturers, suppliers, and fabricators of
Industrial, Commercial, Thermal, Acoustic & Marine Insulation.

Their headquarters are here in Perth but they have huge facilities in Malaysia and the UAE.

Sealumet are expanding and as part of this push they needed video content to help grow their reach.


We do a lot of corporate video production and this video for Sealumet includes many of the elements that corporate clients need – drone videography, animated graphics, voice over, script writing, and high quality footage.

All of this is easily done by Birdhouse in-house with no need for extra contractors.


We combined local filming here in Perth with a coordinated effort overseas to gather enough footage for the entire Sealumet group. Our crew in Australia produced the shoots in both Malaysia and the UAE remotely to ensure the footage would match and the edit appear seamless.

We also recorded and mixed the voice over with our in-house talent and added animated graphics thanks to our animation team.


Corporate videos don’t get much better than this – especially considering we created it using three different crews in three different countries.

The process was painless and efficient and the clients were very happy with not only the result but the entire production process.

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