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Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital: Cancer Centre


The Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital (SCGH) Comprehensive Cancer Centre provides care for patients who are being looked after by a number of medical specialties. These include; Medical Oncology, Radiation Oncology, Haematology, Nutrition and Dietetics, Social Work Service, WA Psycho-Oncology Service, and WA Youth Cancer Service

The Centre works on a connected care model, where diagnosis, treatment planning and continued treatment all happen in the one building. This means a continuity of treatment for the 7,000 patients who make the 150,000 visits to the Centre each year.


The WA Government North Metropolitan Health Service needed a series of short videos made for Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital. Specifically for the Comprehensive Cancer Centre. They wanted these videos to guide new patients through the services and treatments available to them at the Centre. Additionally, these videos would also educate and support patients navigating their treatment journey. 


Our focus for these videos was to create a bright and positive tone that would be inviting and uplifting for patients. We were given full access to SCGH Cancer Centre and had the privilege to meet the incredible team behind the scenes. Because we needed to cover a number of different departments we had to get our skates on. We made the most of capturing the uplifting new and modern architecture of the new Centre. For the interview setups we opted for soft diffused light utilising the natural ambient light as much as possible. 


We achieved a refreshing result for the SCGH Cancer Centre. One that is not only informative and educational but also warm and welcoming to new patients. Our expert camera operator lit and captured each of the medical team looking their best. Equally we ensured the nurses, doctors and consulting staff were all sounding their best with the experienced guidance of our Producer. Because we know not everyone has years of experience speaking to camera. This is why we were dedicated to empower everyone to speak confidently. We worked towards a result that is engaging and conversational.    


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