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Six the Musical


Six the Musical is a high-energy stage production taking the world by storm!

Finally the six wives of King Henry VIII get a chance to tell their side of the story – whether they were divorced, beheaded, or survived.

With over 3 billion views on TikTok, more than 500 million audio streams, and 2 Tony Awards this show is quickly gathering die-hard fans right around the world.


When Six the Musical came to Perth we were asked by our friends at Anthem to come on board and create the promotional video content for the show.

The content we produced was to be used to drive tickets sales through social media and online. Now we’re not saying it was all us but the show did sell out.


You’ll notice from the clip posted above that a lot of the content was focused on crowd reactions and vox pops. This is because we couldn’t really show too much of the show without giving the game away. 

We attended the opening night of the Perth production run and interviewed a whole bunch of crowd members immediately after the show. As you can see their reactions were glowing!

We also used some great high-energy shots from during the show but we tried to keep things under wraps and not reveal too much. It is a teaser after all.

And of course the music track we used for the edit is from the show itself.


It would be almost impossible not to create a fun edit for Six the Musical. There’s so much colour, movement, and attitude and that shines through in the promotional content. We wanted to grab people’s attention when they viewed on their phones, and drive them to purchase tickets straight away.

The collection of video content we created is directly in line with the show’s ethos and hopefully helped a whole bunch of people discover this amazing production.

We love filming live performances and we do plenty of it.