Slow Motion Cupcakes


Ah who doesn’t love a slow motion video?! We’re definitely fans, and we also love having some fun mucking around in our own studio. Great Temptations – an amazing new confectionary company – got in touch with us through Wanderlust Communications to do some social media showcase videos of their cakes and bars. Of course we said “OK” and immediately started coming up with fun ideas.



Social media content was the aim of the game here. Great Temptations needed some colourful and fun video content to help introduce their brand to the world. They asked us to come up with some ideas and we were more than happy to oblige. We decided on filming a flat lay product shoot on our studio floor, but also a series of “slow motion drops” as we’re calling them. Basically dropping cakes into the raw ingredients they’re made from. Think flour, oats, sugar, that sort of thing.


We cleared the studio floor, rolled down the coloured backdrop, and started lobbing cakes into stuff. It was really fun!

We filmed it all in 100 frames per second and edited together a collection of very quick Instagram-ready videos that introduced various products. They’re not meant to be super informative, they’re just there to highlight the brand and to be a bit of fun.

By the way the cleanup was pretty epic.


Great Temptations (and Wanderlust) are a brilliant client to work with because they’re adventurous. They let us concept ideas and follow them through and they trust us to deliver great videos.

In this example we’re dropping cupcakes into flour but we also made identical clips for their oat slices, and Go Bites energy bars. They suit the brand and fulfil a need for well-made and inoffensive social content.

Have a look at the flat lay shoot we did too!