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The Brixton – Boutique Retail


The Brixton is a fantastic new apartment development being created in the heart of Victoria Park. The location of these vibrant and fun apartments is nothing short of amazing, which is why the developers want to showcase the nearby cultural offerings in a way that matches their product.



We were tasked with creating high energy, engaging social media content in four different categories: 1. Boutique Retail, 2. Cafes, 3. Restaurants, 4. Parks

Each video had to showcase the neighbourhood surrounding The Brixton apartments in a way that stylistically matched the aesthetic created by the architect. They also had to be under 60 seconds to fit on all social media platforms.



Our crew filmed everything worth filming in a 1 km radius of The Brixton. This included cafes, restaurants, gift shops, dog parks, and plenty more. We also put the drone in the sky at sunset to capture the leafy surroundings.

In the edit the aim was fast, punchy cuts overlaid with animated graphic content in the Brixton style.



From this single concept we were able to create a raft of social media content that allowed the client to spread their reach over a much longer time period than a single video would give. This is the best possible way to maximise the production and editing cycle and keep costs as low as possible. Now The Brixton has months of ongoing brand reach and updated viewable content.

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