The Cherry Orchard


For those who are culture vultures the Black Swan Theatre Company of WA will be no stranger. But if you haven’t heard of them yet they are one of the most inventive and creative theatre groups in Australia right now.

Their ever-rotating list of plays and productions are frequently re-imaginings of well-known works that turn theatre traditions on their heads.

They also produce new works with some of Australia’s most talented actors, directors, musicians, writers, and plenty more.


The Cherry Orchard is a well-known Chekhov play but this time around it’s been given a slight update. We say “slight” because they didn’t quite bring it into the 21st Century. They stopped in the 1980s.

Instead of Russian shawls think neon fishnet gloves. Instead of Tchaikovsky think Madonna.

Our job was to film the final full dress rehearsal and then package the trailer up in time to promote the show’s run. We had a tight deadline and we were working at full speed.


Two cameras and a drone were our weapons of choice for this shoot. What made this play different is that each act was performed in a completely new setting. The audience literally got out of their seats and moved to a new place for each act.

So we had to follow along and film in wildly changing environments. This meant lighting changes, audio changes, and different lines of sight.

In the edit it was all about promoting the play without giving away any of the key moments. Wouldn’t want to spoil the surprises! Plus we had to turn it around for publication within 48 hours, but we managed it.


The end product is a colourful and vibrant representation of the production. It teases at the audience experience without giving the game away. 

After our trailer went live almost every single date of The Cherry Orchard was sold out. Not bad!

See the trailer we made for the Black Swan production of Oklahoma! HERE