Transcendental Meditation


Transcendental Meditation is an astounding meditation technique that’s easy to learn and can be practiced almost anywhere.

In the TM course, you learn how to effortlessly transcend — go beyond the surface level of your awareness. This state of deep inner silence is typically unavailable from meditation apps and other techniques.

The TM technique’s benefits start right away, and keep growing. Hundreds of independent research studies have found major increases in calmness, creativity, energy, clarity of mind, and happiness.


The central Transcendental Meditation group from London got in contact with us to create some social media testimonial video content. Personal advocacy is an incredibly powerful form of marketing and this series of case studies is engaging and informative.

TM is very easy to learn and the main focus of these testimonials was to show just how simple it is to pick up and the wide range of benefits it can have for your life.

We produced not only a full-length hero edit but also a collection of shorter edits for use on all social media platforms.


The raw interview footage was supplied to us from London and we combined it with overlay footage and text graphics to improve engagement. Our main task during editing was to sift through the unedited footage and select the most relevant and interesting parts, couple them with accompanying footage, and then make the entire piece flow smoothly while presenting the key messages of TM.



The end result is a library of meaningful real-life messaging that powerfully promotes Transcendental Meditation. The talent Meredith is happy and comes across as a fantastic advocate for TM. With more testimonials like this the TM group will be able to lift their social media numbers and increase uptake amongst new followers.

We’ve produced a lot of testimonials because they WORK. Take a look at THIS ONE.