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Trendsetter Homes Mosman Park


Mosman Park is one of the most sought-after locations in Perth and Trendsetter Homes have just completed their latest build in this incredible location. Nestled in between the Indian Ocean and the Swan River the views are spectacular.

Trendsetter don’t make cheap, cookie-cutter homes. Each one of their builds is completely custom and architecturally designed, which means they only do about a dozen homes a year. This character home on top of the hill in Mosman Park, overlooking the river, is a unique addition to the Trendsetter portfolio.


Real estate videos vary a whole lot. Some are incredibly well-shot and edited while others are simple and plain. Trendsetter Homes don’t make simple and plain homes so our videos for them have to match their high level of quality.

The task for this home was to capture the little extra touches, the flourishes on the moulding, the stone bench tops, or the unique balustrade.

One of the biggest challenges was to film a clear front elevation of the home because trees and power lines stood in our way.


We filmed this Mosman Park home with smooth, slowing gimbal shots on a 14mm lens, with hand-held close-ups provided via a long 70-200mm lens.

The edit seems simple but wasn’t. We needed to let each room “breathe” which slowed down the pace of the edit, but we still needed to keep a sense of movement so that it didn’t feel stale.

We combined the cinematic ground footage with sunset aerial shots to show just what an amazing location Mosman Park really is.


We’ve created a number of real estate videos for Trendsetter Homes now and each one has its own unique feel tailored to the individual home. Our videos make up the majority of the promotional content for Trendsetter and we absolutely love working with the team.

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