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Trendsetter Homes


Trendsetter Homes are one of the most exciting and award-winning home builders in Perth. They’re a luxury home builder which means every one of their homes is something truly special. From the taps to the staircase each element is specifically chosen for style and quality.

As part of their ethos Trendsetter wanted to introduce people to their Managing Director Michael Agostino, to help explain the attitudes and motivation behind everything they do.


Trendsetter Homes is a family business and that flows through to every aspect of what they do. Michael Agostino is the Managing Director and is the man responsible for driving their customer service-driven approach.

Trendsetter asked us to interview Michael in an informal way to get to the bottom of what makes the entire company tick. *Warning – he has a super cute little boy who steals the show.


Interviewing Michael was the easy part. He’s friendly and speaks well so we set up the interview in one of Trendsetter’s stunning display homes. We shot it documentary-style and when his young family turned up we captured some great footage of him playing with his son and wife.

For the b-roll footage we tagged along with Michael as he inspected one of his half-finished homes. We filmed him talking with his staff and looking at how the work was being completed.

When it came time to edit the process was simple – pick the information that best represents the company and select overlay footage that matches.


This video now sits on the Trendsetter Homes website, proudly telling everyone of the honesty and transparency that the team is known for. The Trendsetter team were so happy with the final product they’ve asked us to film more (stay tuned…).

We loved working with the guys and it’s fantastic to see such a hard working and talented group succeeding. If you’d like to see more of our real estate video work you can check it out HERE