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UDIO Swim Management Software


UDIO is exciting management software that is specifically designed to help schools and training groups operate much more efficiently. Their focus right now is on swimming schools, which have a lot of members and need to stay up to date on each student’s progress.

UDIO software cuts down on staff administration time and lets them focus more on customer service. Great for the customers and students but even better for the swimming school!


This is a fairly straightforward explainer video that highlights all of the great features of the UDIO Swim software. We were tasked with presenting the key selling points of UDIO in an engaging and upbeat way.

We actually created a whole suite of video content around the various features of the software but this video is more of a promo hype reel.


This project saw us film on location in a swimming school to gather B roll footage of swimmer, instructors, and things like self check-in. The bulk of the work was done in post production with animated graphics and royalty free music added. In the other edits we also wrote and recorded the voice over in-house.

All graphical elements and colours are in-line with the UDIO branding guidelines.


This edit isn’t breaking new ground but it is easy to understand, colourful, engaging, and quick. As a promo video it works perfectly and UDIO have used it not only online but as an important part of their direct marketing strategy. Having well-produced video content that matches your brand image is extremely important.

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