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UGT Hustler


UGT is a mining equipment company with a revolutionary new design for an underground drill that will not only save a huge amount on operating costs but also produce less emissions and be more environmentally friendly.



To introduce the world to the “Hustler” – the world’s first all-hydraulic underground drill and leg.



The Hustler is a new design and the market for this product (and the video) are mining industry professionals who know what they are looking at. The information had to be highly technical and informative but also engaging in a way that made the product seem exciting.
The script was written by well known Perth writer Scribbler Writes (Nick Bruechle) and was voiced by Birdhouse Media’s very own Director Hans.



A punchy and informative video that details the benefits and technological specifications of the Hustler. UGT has used this video to great effect in locating and attracting investors both in Australia and overseas.