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ULUU Brand Launch


ULUU is a brand new product with big goals to help rid the world of traditional petroleum based plastics with a 100% biodegradable material made from one of the most abundant resources on earth – seaweed. 

From a team made up of world class scientists and nestled on a quiet little beach in the northern suburbs of Perth, ULUU has big dreams – and people are listening. 


We were approached by Co-Founders Dr. Julia Reisser and Michael Kingsbury to help produce a suite of content to help showcase this incredible product and the initiative behind it. 

They wanted a punchy and succinct overview of what ULUU is and how their product is going to help reduce waste in our oceans. Their ethos was so inspiring that Quiksilver Surf Apparel got in touch to collaborate on a new pair of limited edition board shorts – equipped with a surf wax comb made entirely from ULUU. 


We really wanted this edit to stand out, as it’s important that the brand launch was as successful as possible. The tone needed to be bright, sunny, and hopeful – with a clear vision of success.

We filmed this video over the course of two days, allowing us to document every step in the process of turning ordinary seaweed, into a plastic polymer that can be used to replace anything in the world that uses traditional petroleum based plastics. 


We’re incredibly proud of how this project turned out. Getting to know the team at ULUU was an awesome experience, and seeing the ins and outs of the process was like witnessing the birth of the newest viral product. 

Check out how it’s made HERE, it’s seriously cool!