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Visit Perth Campaign


This was a great campaign to be a part of to encourage people to Visit Perth! In partnership with the City of Perth and Hunter Communications we filmed and delivered an entire collection of video content to re-energise Perth City and invite people back in to experience things now that COVID-19 has eased off a bit.

The main problem the city was facing was that most people thought everything was still closed. The local businesses were opening up again but nobody knew. This campaign focused on hospitality, retail, lifestyle, and culture to show people that Perth was awake again!


This project was much more than a standard social media campaign. Media from all over were involved – TV, radio, press, socials, etc… and the support for local businesses and brands was phenomenal. Visit Perth was the driving force behind this project.

Our task was to film around 50 interviews in two days and then edit the videos within a week. A tough ask but one that we were ready to tackle.


We spoke to so many amazing Perth business owners and identities who were more than happy to invite people to their locations and promote Perth as a great destination. With over 50 stops on our list the shoot schedule was air-tight and twenty minutes was all we could spare at each place. We ended up gathering some amazing footage of our city.

The edit timeline was similarly very tight – we had to deliver the first cut within four days. There was a media call scheduled and a whole crowd of people descended upon Yagan Square to watch our video on the huge public screen!


The response to our videos has been absolutely amazing, we couldn’t have hoped for a better reception. The City of Perth has gone on to share all of the content we created, and the videos continue to be screened on the Yagan Square and Forrest Place big public screens.

Local businesses, whether involved in the project or not, have all loved the messaging and have thrown their weight behind the campaign. It was a brilliant project to be a part of and the fact that we were able to pull it together so fast is a testament to our hard-working crew!

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