WA Good Food Guide AMP Series


When it comes to food and drink, if you’re not on the WA Good Food Guide then you’re clearly not the best of the best. The WAGFG celebrates the top level venues, chefs, bartenders, and suppliers in Western Australia. Western Australian newspaper food critic Rob Broadfield is at the helm and he loves our local cuisine scene.

This year the WAGFG decided to host a series of industry dinners and invited the best chefs, venue owners, and hospitality professionals. The guests speakers were national heavyweights and the sponsor was AMP Capital. The idea was to encourage discussion around how we can all make dining and drinking experiences better for everyone.


There were three separate discussion events spread out over series of weeks. We filmed each one and aimed to compile the most relevant content into a single video. AMP Capital and the WAGFG wanted the best hospitality industry professionals in Perth to have their say. Hopefully it would spark a change for the better in our venues.

The mood was informal and we also had to capture the various identities who attended.


This was a fairly standard event video project with an added emphasis on speeches. That means we needed to have good audio recording. We recorded directly through the sound mixing desk to pick up the microphone perfectly, and room atmosphere from our multiple cameras.

Our shooters filmed almost constantly and captured a large amount of footage for our editors to trawl through.


This ended up being a great video that was shared amongst the hospitality elite in Australia. It sparked those discussions AMP were keen to explore and a lot of the attendees just liked seeing their faces pop up on screen.

Events like this are rare and it was a fantastic opportunity to see beyond the kitchen to the people who are at the top of their game in Australia.

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