WA Good Food Guide Awards Comedy Sketch


When it comes to food and drink, if you’re not on the WA Good Food Guide then you’re clearly not the best of the best. The WAGFG celebrates the top level venues, chefs, bartenders, and suppliers in Western Australia. Western Australian newspaper food critic Rob Broadfield is at the helm and he loves our local cuisine scene.

Each year the WAGFG has an awards night to recognise the very pinnacle of this elite group. Birdhouse Media films the event every year but this time we did something special…



As the awards ceremony begins the lights are dimmed. The crowd quiets down and the screens light up. Everyone is expecting an opening speech from Rob Broadfield to begin the night but instead they get…this sketch.

Rob and the WAGFG team asked Birdhouse to write and produce a comedy sketch to begin the annual awards event – think MTV music awards but with chefs instead of Nikki Minaj.


Well, the “actors” used in this video aren’t professional performers but they are some of the most well respected chefs and venue owners in Perth. This lighthearted video with local identities was a great way to set the tone for the evening to come.

Rob poked fun at himself and invited everyone else to do the same. This is a very rare thing in this day and age.

We filmed it at North Fremantle’s Bib & Tucker and a lot of it was improvised on the fly. Just like a good dish.


The sketch started the WAGFG awards night with just the right mood. As soon as it was over Rob took the stage to begin the formal proceedings. This was a great way to start the night and from here on everyone had a fantastic time. Even if they didn’t win. I mean they got to see a bald cap and a Chiko roll.

See the event after video HERE