WA Good Food Guide: Linley Valley Pork



Linley Valley Pork is the best in Western Australia. For over 30 years they have been raising the best cared-for pigs in the state and that results in the best meat for your plate.

The finest restaurants in Perth all use Linley Valley pork. And in turn they love supporting the local industry. The Western Australian Good Food Guide is a group dedicated to seeking out the very best of the best in cuisine. In this video they’ve teamed up with two of their biggest personalities.




Simply telling people that Linley Valley pork is amazing won’t cut it. We have to show them how it’s used and let the top level chefs who cook with it say why.

So we grabbed the food critic from The West Australian newspaper Rob Broadfield, and the head of Linley Valley John Thompson, to go on a pork tour of Perth.


This video was fun. There’s no other way to put it. Both Rob and John had a great time walking the streets of Northbridge, dropping in on some local establishments.

They visited The StandardSauma, and Pleased to Meet You. At each stop they sampled the best pork dish on the menu. All made with Linley Valley pork of course!

The vibe was fun an irreverent. It was a great way to show why Linley Valley has the best product and introduce viewers to some new venues.


Linley Valley was not only positioned as a great supporter and friend of local Perth venues but also shows their fun side. This humanises their brand. The association with the WA Good Food Guide also gives them credibility and a platform from which to be seen.

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