WA Wildflower Season


It’s wildflower season in Western Australia! Spring has sprung and pockets of our state are covered in colourful carpets of everlastings, rare wreaths, and beautiful orchids. Australia’s Golden Outback is a tourism organisation dedicated to promoting the more out-of-the-way spots in WA. They know where the wildflowers will pop up and they operate on a very strict deadline.

We worked on this project with the fantastic team from Wanderlust Communications!


Time is of the essence when it comes to the blooming of flowers. Australia’s Golden Outback continually studies the different flowering regions and as soon as they start to bloom we get the call to zoom out there and film them! The other challenge is the turnaround time for the edit because these flowers don’t hang around forever. We needed to get to the outback location, film, return, and deliver the edited video all within a few days to make the promotion worthwhile.


The schedule was very tight but it made the project more exciting. Hunting down the wildflowers in some very remote areas was a challenge, one which we enjoyed. We used drone videography as well as on-the-ground gimbal and slider shots to capture the colour and scale of the blooms.

Then in the edit we drew the colours of the wildflowers out a bit more and made them vibrant and added some animated text graphics for good measure.


In the end we were able to deliver a collection of promotional material within a couple of days, including two days of driving. This project was an exercise in time management and tested our turnaround processes, which succeeded impressively.

Plus we got to see some great parts of WA!

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