WAGFG AMP Capital Industry Night


Every successful industry has one thing in common – they support their members. In the hospitality industry one group is leading the charge to bring together the very best operators in WA: the West Australian Good Food Guide. They’ve teamed up with AMP Capital to create industry discussion events to tackle the issues most relevant to venues in Perth today. The best venue owners, chefs, bartenders, produce suppliers, critics, and more are all invited and encouraged to bring up those talking points most won’t touch.

In 2019 the event was held at Si Paradiso in Highgate.



This was a straight-up event coverage video focusing heavily on the food and drinks on show. As it was an industry event we needed to pay close attention to who was in attendance and to make sure we filmed all of the incredible canapés making the rounds.

The video was to be used to promote the upcoming WA Good Food Guide Awards. It was also an important way to say thank you to the partners of the Guide.



The evening was a blur. We had two cameras roaming the venue filming all the action and then had to re-set to capture the speeches on stage. Not only did we have to manage the tough lighting situation but also monitor the audio of 4 people speaking at once.

We injected the energy of the night into the edit with fast cuts and quick focus changes. And of course plenty of corporate and sponsor signage got a look in too.


The end result is a vibrant and fun event video that showcases the brand partners as well as the identities in the crowd. Event videos are fairly straightforward to film but if you miss key elements then the whole thing falls apart. We’ve been shooting events for years so we know exactly what to look for.

And, as usual, if the edit doesn’t suit the atmosphere and feeling of the event then viewers will be left feeling confused. Good thing we nailed it!

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