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We Rise Together


Western Australia is one of the most incredible places on Earth to live. Not only do we have stunning natural settings the length and breadth of our land but our people are energetic, hard working, and caring. Celebrate WA is the group in charge of promoting WA Day and all of the events and celebrations associated with it. Each year they hold the red carpet awards for the Western Australian of the Year and this piece was written specifically to begin proceedings on the big screen at the award show.


We were tasked with developing the concept and producing a very cinematic film piece that celebrates all things WA. The script was written and voiced by Birdhouse Company Director Hans Bruechle and is a very unique piece of writing. We also storyboarded some gorgeous sequences with past WA of the Year Award winners and combined that with our extensive collection of archival footage.


Hans wrote an incredibly unique script that was difficult to create and most people don’t even notice. The entire poem is a palindrome, meaning that it is exactly the same read beginning-to-end as it is read end-to-beginning. Line for line. The whole way through.

Each stanza represents an award category – Aboriginal, Sport, Business, etc… and when flipped and read in reverse represents a completely different award category. It was a writing exercise that was not simple but is subtly effective and emotive.

We coupled the unique script with slow motion footage of past winners filmed with a “push-in/pull-out” style of our talent walking to reinforce the constant forward-moving nature of our people.


This is one of those works that may pass most people by. The only people who viewed it were in attendance at the awards ceremony so the audience was exclusive and small. Plus, the concept of the script was probably not picked up by many who saw it but we’re proud of our work.

Hans has written pieces for us in the past like this piece we created during the Perth COVID lockdown.