Westin Hotel: Ice Cream Sundaes


The Westin Hotel Perth is the newest 5 star Hotel in the CBD and they do everything at the very top level. The Westin is owned by the Marriott Hotel Group and its location in Hibernian Place in Perth is simply stunning.

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The team at the Westin love to innovate with their menu and their kitchen staff are inventive and extremely talented. Their new ice cream sundaes are a reimagining of the traditional dessert. With vegan and gluten free options (although you’d never be able to tell!) these new sweets just had to be shown on social media.

That’s where we come in.



This was a simple social media video designed to let the whole world know about these fantastic dishes. It’s formatted 1:1 (square) for Instagram, which allows for the best screen coverage on smart devices.

We sat down with Chef to find out how the sundaes are made and then filmed them in all their glory! Simple.



This video (and others that we’ve created just like it) is an essential online marketing tool for venues today.

Your menu might be the best but if nobody knows about it then how can they enjoy it? Social media marketing is outstripping all other media platforms in terms of growth. Creating great quality video content is essential to position businesses in the markets in which they want to be seen.