Westin Hotel: Negroni


The Westin Hotel Perth is the newest 5 star Hotel in the CBD and they do everything at the very top level. The Marriott Hotel Group owns the Westin and its location in Hibernian Place in Perth is simply stunning.

Garum is the main restaurant at the Westin, created by Guy Grossi. It’s a traditional Roman Osteria and we could tell you more about it but he’s much better at this sort of thing.

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Chef Guy Grossi is a total character. He lights up when speaking about his favourite topics – food, cocktails, and his beloved Garum. His enthusiasm is infectious and for this video series we harnessed this energy to create short, social media ready clips.

Each video covers one area of The Westin and Garum that they think people should know about. Like Guy’s favourite apperitivo; the Negroni.



Guy is the star of the show in these videos. We set up a documentary-style shoot with Guy speaking off camera, and intercut it with footage of the topic being covered.

We actually shot 6 of these clips in the same session and then cut them up individually for social media.



The end result is some high quality social media marketing content that the Westin rolled out over a series of weeks. A single shoot turned into months of online video for them. This is the best way to schedule video production; a single shoot with multiple edits. That way your budget goes much further.

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