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What is SEO?


So most people have heard the term “SEO” but only a few tech-minded people actually know what it is and why it’s important. PWD specialises in Search Engine Optimisation and building websites that are easy to find.

SEO is all about making your site rank as highly as possible on Google and other search engines. To get there all you have to do is follow the rules. The only problem is most of us don’t even know the rules let alone how to play the game.

This video explain it all!


PWD told to us that they were having a difficult time explaining what SEO actually was to their prospective clients. Most people sort of knew it was important but not why it was important or how to do anything about it.

So PWD set us the task of creating a series of simple “explainer videos”. This video here focuses on the broader concept of what SEO actually is but the others we created go into more detail on other topics.

They main point was that these videos had to be easy to understand and present the information plainly.


We filmed this video series in our East Perth studio and they’re hosted by Birdhouse Company Director Hans (he’s been doing TV for a while).

The background was kept simple and white and we added animated graphics over the top to illustrate certain points.

We also wrote the script, developed the concept, and completed all of the audio recording and mixing, and post production in-house. So we don’t just shoot things. We offer any creative service you might need.


The final suite of edits are fantastically simple, easy to understand, and are being used by PWD online to drive their own sales. The benefit of having informed clients is that you save time and money not having to explain the concept of SEO each and every time. PWD now have more qualified leads and a higher percentage of positive pickup.

We had a lot of fun producing this project but it’s not the first time we’ve done something like this. Check out THIS very fun studio shoot we did for Lucky Shot Photo Booth (again featuring Hans).