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Wines of WA Documentary


Join renowned chef Paul Iskov (of Fervor fame) and wine expert Erin Larkin as they journey through the seven wine regions in Western Australia and sample the local cuisine and wine on offer. In each region they visit the very best wineries and local food producers to pair the local fare with the perfect wine. Every stop has a unique flavour and the characters they meet along the way are priceless. Western Australia is stunning to travel through and if you know where to go you can find some hidden gems and some of the best food and wine anywhere in the world.


This project was huge. We essentially packed up the entire crew for a week-long road trip through WA with our hosts and started planning. Our job was to introduce people to the different wine growing regions of Western Australia and encourage them to go out and explore them. Most people have no idea that there’s so much going with wine and food in WA!

The doco was spit up into an eight-part series (Margaret River got two episodes because there’s even more going on there) and we got to visit some extremely special spots.


The biggest job with this project was the planning. Not only did we have to visit multiple wineries and food producers each day but we also had to get crew, talent, and gear from Perth to Albany while also filming aerial drone shots and interviews and making it to new accomodation each night. The pre production spreadsheet was intense!

The good news is it all went according to plan (which anyone in the industry will tell you is a small miracle). 

Our film crew managed brilliantly and our hosts provided the entertainment throughout the week. You’ll see that some of the places we cooked we pretty spectacular and not many people get to have this experience. Definitely worth watching every episode!


The final result is a body of work that we’re really proud of. We put a lot of time and effort into this series and the results speak for themselves. It shows that not only can we capture great-looking shots with our cameras but that we can easily handle all of the pre production, planning, talent direction, and client liaison too.

We love working in this style and you can see some more of our work in the wilds of WA HERE