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World Nutella Day 2020


Nutella is amazing ok? It’s everyone’s favourite hazelnut spread and this goo can be put on everything from toast to beards. And each year February 5th marks “International Nutella Day” where people all around the world show their appreciation for this high sugar face mask. So we thought we’d better celebrate too.



This is not a paid post. This is not a sponsored piece of video content. This is just something we thought would be a bit of fun so we jumped into our studio and shot it in one take. We like experimenting with our new equipment (because we’re constantly upgrading cameras, lighting, etc…) and we really enjoy seeing what we can create. It also helps a lot that we have our very own studio full of gadgets ready to go whenever inspiration should strike


Poor old Drew drew the short straw (pun definitely intended) and he was chosen to receive the Nutella face mask. Now, we knew we only had one shot at this because cleaning Nutella out of hair and beards takes days not minutes. So Drew focused intently and the Birdhouse crew dipped their hands into a big tub of brown goo and started smearing.

We filmed this one-shot with our new cinema camera: the Black Magic Pocket Cine 6k (it has great slow motion). And we lit the pink paper roll backdrop with some blue and pink gels on the lights for added flair.



When we posted this to our social media channels the response was huge! So many people commented and shared our video that even Nutella in different parts of the world started to take notice. Note: Nutella Brazil loved the hell out of it.

And Drew eventually managed to get it all out from behind his ears but not before attracting all the neighbourhood bees to his face. Good on you Drew.

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