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A Cry in the Wind


The Yabu Band are one of Western Australia’s most recognisable and influential indigenous bands, and they’re fantastic for their local community. The core of the band are two brothers: Delly and Boyd Stokes. They’re from Wongutha country out near Laverton and Leonora and the desert is their home.

For their latest album they decided to take their music back to the place where it all started. Back to country and their people. And we were lucky enough to be invited to come along for the ride.


Travel shoots are always more involved than ones at home. Add to that the fact that it wasn’t just our film crew but a whole band and all of their equipment and we had a logistical task on our plate.

This trip was all about capturing footage for the lead single off the new Yabu Band album. It’s called “A Cry in the Wind” and is about the Stokes brothers listening to the voices of their ancestors and hoping for a better future for their people. 


We filmed this piece in four parts:
1. The first shoot was at Vision Studios in Victoria Park. The full band, complete with horn section and backup singers, performed their new album in this fantastic studio setting for the first time ever.
2. We traveled with the core band out to Laverton on the edge of the desert in deep WA. The band performed for the entire local community in the town hall and we had a huge party.
3. We then followed the band to Leonora, where they grew up, to again perform for the local community outdoors at the high school. 
4. And finally we took a long trip out into the desert to a sacred indigenous site nestled in a dry lake bed. We met up with local Aboriginal elders and Law Men who gave us permission to film at the significant site. 

Then when we finally made it home it was time to edit. The amazing aerial drone shots of that wild country have got to be some of our favourites.


A Cry in the Wind is a very special song for the Yabu Band and for the Stokes brothers. Our task was to capture the feeling and emotion behind the music with our footage and edit. Not an easy task.
But the band and the entire community with which we filmed absolutely love it! There were a lot of players involved in the making of this project so it’s great to see they all love the outcome.
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