Youth Focus 25th Anniversary


Youth Focus is an amazing charity in Perth that provides front line services and education programs to help reduce the instances of youth suicide and depression. Their aim is the long term well being of all young people in Australia.

And in 2019 they are celebrating their 25th anniversary!


In this milestone year Youth Focus decided to celebrate their achievements with a series of videos focusing on some key figures in the organisation. We conducted interviews with counsellors, therapists, youth coordinators, ambassadors, and, in this video, the actual founders of Youth Focus.



The tone for this video had to be serious yet friendly. The topics being discussed are of a serious nature and they had to be dealt with in a mature way. But to focus on the negatives would have been the wrong choice so we kept the editing and tone light and professional.

We filmed in a documentary style with a multi camera shoot.


The collection of videos that we produced have a coherent tone that perfectly matches their brand values. We spend quite a bit of time discussing our approach with every single project we do. The videos are now being used online to promote the fantastic work that they do.

They also asked us to film their largest charity event – the Ride For Youth and you can see the video we made RIGHT HERE