Youth Focus School Visits


School visits are a big part of the way Youth Focus tries to share their message of support for young people living with anxiety or depression. Face-to-face story sharing is one of the most powerful ways we can all begin to talk about these issues that affect so many young Australians. A collection of Youth Focus ambassadors and volunteers have bravely agreed to share their particular stories surrounding these issues. Normally these talks would be done in-person at each school.

But in the times of COVID those school visits aren’t able to be held. So instead Youth Focus contacted us to film these stories, which were then sent to the students.


The task was to film a collection of raw and honest stories from riders in the famous Hawaiian Ride For Youth. This ride happens each year (except 2020 due to COVID) and as part of the rider’s journey they stop in schools along their route and talk to the students. The stories they share are sometimes brutally honest and very emotionally raw.

This year we were asked to film these stories so that they could be sent to each school in lieu of a face-to-face presentation.


We kept it simple. The stories were the hero so we had to ensure that the production didn’t overshadow their honesty and power. We filmed each speaker in our East Perth studio on a coloured backdrop from two angles. Overlay footage was used sparingly and the focus was put squarely on the speaker’s message rather than a lot of flashy footage.

Our entire crew was astounded by the courage of these speakers in being completely honest in baring their truth.


The feedback we’ve received from these school visit videos has been phenomenal. The stories and the speakers have connected with the students in a very meaningful way, which will hopefully start us on a path to improving the mental health of our young people.

Youth Focus are a fantastic group to work with and we always come away feeling good about what we do!

You can see more of our work with Youth Focus, and find out about their history HERE