ZE Mining Mobility Track Units


The ZE Mobility Unit is the latest invention from Hydraulic Innovations Mining. It is a fully battery operated transport unit with caterpillar tracks and three levels of carrying capacity.

These things look like tiny tanks and can be fitted out in any way you can imagine. They are primarily for underground use in mining but can also be utilised in fire fighting, construction, and plenty more conditions.



The ZE track units are seriously impressive. They are battery operated so they produce no emissions while underground and their low profile means they fit just about anywhere.

Our job was to create a promo video showcasing what they are all about. The tough part was illustrating just how versatile these units can be in any scenario.


This is a great example of a product showcase video – perfect for mining trade shows and online promotion. The HI team needed material to introduce the ZE track units to potential investors and top tier clients.

We shot the three sizes of ZE units at the HI Mining headquarters at dusk to show just how they would be seen in an underground mining scenario.

Then in the edit we combined a lot of graphical text overlay with a “blokey” toned voice over to match the brand identity.


Hydraulic Innovations has used this video to great effect all over the world in mining trade shows. They attract attention and educate their viewers in a few quick minutes by simply showing our video. That leaves more time for signing up clients.

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