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Drone videography

Our birds in the sky

Get a whole new perspective on life…from the air.

Our team of CASA-accredited drone pilots have captured some of the most stunning aerial footage here in Australia and around the world.

We have a stable of drones for all occasions – small indoor drones for exciting quick shoots, larger drones for cinematic landscapes, and even FPV racing drones for extreme energy and mind-blowing immersive footage.

Our drone operators know the rules, we know how to get that shot you’ve been dreaming of, and we do it quickly.


Birdhouse Media takes your brand’s image to new heights with our drone photography and videography services. Our expertly crafted visuals go beyond mere photographs—they tell the story, evoke emotions, and resonate with your audience. With a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of your brand’s essence, our camera lenses become storytellers, capturing the very soul of your business through both the skies and on the ground. Elevate your brand’s visual narrative with our high-quality services at our dedicated studio in Perth. Let us showcase your brand through our lens. Contact us for a professional aerial photography and videography service in Perth, WA.


We offer drone videography and photography services, which cover the specific needs of any occasion: from small, intricate details in real estate, to the most bustling activities and events, or the best and most beautiful landscapes. Our CASA certified drone pilots use high-quality drones that meet specific technical specifications given by the customer, who expects the best of the best quality in terms of pictures and videos. Driven by a set of strong core values and detail, everything we do is executed with nothing short of excellence. Make your visual content even more interesting with our professional photography and videography services.


Perth’s unique landscapes, from its stunning coastline to urban architecture, are ideally showcased through drone photography.

Drones capture the vastness and beauty of these features in a way traditional photography can’t match.

Drone operation in Perth must comply with CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority) regulations, which include restrictions on flying near airports, in populous areas, or at certain altitudes without proper authorisation.

Yes, drone photography is highly effective for real estate marketing in Perth, offering aerial views that highlight property size, location, and proximity to key attractions like beaches and parks.
Outdoor events such as beach festivals, sports competitions, and weddings in Perth can greatly benefit from drone photography, providing unique angles that enhance the visual appeal of the event coverage.
Yes, operators must ensure their drones are flown within visual line of sight, avoid flying directly over people, and adhere to all local safety guidelines to prevent accidents and disturbances.
Drone photography can help track construction progress, monitor compliance with safety standards, and provide stakeholders with updates without the need for physical site visits.
Most professional drone services in Perth offer high-resolution footage, commonly in 4K, allowing for detailed, high-quality images suitable for various commercial uses.
Drones are ideal for environmental monitoring in coastal and remote areas of Perth, enabling researchers and environmentalists to observe hard-to-reach places with minimal impact on the natural habitat.
Drone photography can significantly enhance tourism marketing by showcasing Perth’s scenic landscapes and attractions in breathtaking aerial videos and photos, attracting more visitors.
When hiring a drone photography service in Perth, ensure the operator has the necessary CASA certifications and complies with local regulations concerning drone flights and commercial photography.

The Birdhouse media difference

We take a very hands-on approach for each and every project to ensure the best result and client experience. We have invested heavily to ensure only the best and latest equipment is used along with our extensive capabilities to ensure we maintain our 100% positive client feedback. We are a full service video agency offering everything from voice overs, script writing, creative development, copywriting, animation, recording, editing and production. Our work and client feedback speaks for itself but we would love to hear from you and get started on your exciting project.