The Peach & Pineapple Co.

“We have contracted Birdhouse Media to complete work on a number of our client’s accounts and have found them to be professional and fun to deal with. Both are accomplished videographers and photographers; Hans is an exceptional talent in front of the camera and Drew is an editing whiz! Our clients have been happy, which makes us happy! We have also found them to be ethical and honest in our working relationship, so we highly recommend their services!”


“We used Birdhouse Media for other video work when launching the Outlets side of our business. After such a good experience we naturally turned to them again to help us put together a creative and engaging video to launch the Spaces side of our business. Like before they were extremely professional, offered amazing guidance and took complete control over the project, even delivering the amazing end video product within 2 weeks. We can’t speak highly enough of them and will continue to use them for all video and media needs”.

Scribbler Writes - Birdhouse Media

Scribbler Writes

“What I really like about working with Birdhouse Media is that even though the finished product always looks like a huge production, there’s no drama attached to getting there. They have the skills, the equipment, the experience and most of all, the attitude to make it happen on the day with a minimum of fuss. It makes my job so much easier, and keeps my clients incredibly happy.”

Neil Cownie Architect

“I have now worked with Birdhouse Media on several occasions, and with each experience they have brought professionalism and enthusiasm beyond expectation. The team use their wealth of knowledge in various media platforms to deliver what has proven to be highly popular videos.”

Hawaiian (Claremont Quarter)

“I first started working with Birdhouse Media in February 2017. We had a unique art project with Form WA locked in where 9 murals were going up in our shopping centre and recognised it was a content creation opportunity. The idea was to interview artists and capture this content in a more modern/edgier manner than previous fashion videos created and knowing that Hans was also an artist, made the choice easier. Birdhouse Media worked around the artist schedule for the entire week as the art had to go up after hours to not disrupt shoppers. Since that initial project, we have worked with Birdhouse on more projects and feedback from my team is always complimentary. Would highly recommend working with Hans and Drew.”

NPB Security

“Looking for solutions to streamline our processes and lighten the work load on our staff, we engaged Birdhouse Media to produce and develop all of our training and multimedia material. These guys are cool, calculated and professional, understanding and intuitive, they made the entire experience painless and the results have been phenomenal. Two thumbs up Birdhouse. We look forward to working with you in the future.”


“Birdhouse Media provided customised video capture and editing services for some of my recent live performance projects. The team was professional, efficient and integrated seamlessly to the changing environments they operated in. Their flexibility, creative flair and attention to detail was tangible throughout the planning, execution and delivery of the projects. The deliverables are of high quality. Outstanding Experience! Highly recommended.”